The Driver

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The Driver

The passengers are seeing the driver since his childhood.

Now the driver is in the middle of the journey.

The passengers are well aware of the driver's worries and anxieties.

They pray for a safe driving and  reaching their goals.


The passengers could clearly see the expressions on the face of the driver.

Even they enter to the brain of the driver and try to help him to overcome all despairs and anxieties.

They want the driver to be safe,comfortable and relaxed.

They have always a helping attitude towards the driver,because they know his dreams and hopes.


The passengers have all the pity for the driver.

When the driver is unhappy,agitated and disturbed they become silent.

They help the driver by constantly modifying themselves in their attitude and behaviour.

They know the driver's needs from moment to moment and help him to fullfill his needs.


The driver has an intense desire to reach his destiny.

He has visualised a dream to reach his cherished goal and be independent and free in all aspects of life.

The passengers keep themselves in tune with the goals and objectives of the driver.

They help the driver in taking decesions,setting a goal,taking actions and getting the results.


The driver since his childhood is well conversant with the passengers.

He also knows the minds of the passengers and also knows how to keep them happy and contented..

He fullfills the desires of all the passengers.

He always nourishes the passengers by obtaining all the good things from the universe.


The passengers become cool and silent so as to help the driver to move forward.

They constantly make themselves disciplined and controlled.

By that the driver drives the vehicle perfectly and sincerely.

His works become finer,qualitative and perfect.


Then it so happens that the driver reaches his goal.

The remaining passengers seeing the driver's relaxed and happy face become extremly joyful.

After reaching the goal the driver thanks the Almighty.

The Almighty has mantained law and order among the passengers.


Now the driver is happy and free.

He has become self dependent and has achived financial freedom.

His dreams and hopes have been fulfilled.

He takes a sigh of relief in the night's slumber with the expectation of a new dawn.


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The Driver

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This article was published on 2010/10/20