Do we need witness for doing good?

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A bus driver saved an old woman who lay on the ground, but he could hardly exculpate himself from hitting the woman. Fortunately, the police found the photographic record in the car camera which proves his innocence.


It was a piece of news I read the other day. After reading the news, I throught of a question I discussed with my friends before: Do you dare to do good deed without witness?


From the news, it's obvious that the driver is very kind-hearted. It was not the first time for him to save people on the road. That day, he drove a bus according to set routes as usual. When he found the old woman lying on the ground, he stopped the car and went out to have a look. The old woman was in a coma so that the driver sent her to the hospital with the help of several passengers.


However, the good deed was not enough to persuade everyone. When the son of the old woman arrived at the hospital, he insisted that it must be the bus driver who hit his mother. Sadly, the driver failed to explain for himself and he was accused of car crash. Fortunately, the bus company told the police that every vehicle of the company had installed car cameras. When the video record was displayed, the woman's son felt very sorry, he appologized to and thanked the driver. After that, several passengers were also found to be witnesses. Finally, the old woman came to herself. She felt terribly sorry to the bus driver and told everyone the truth that it was another vehicle that knocked her down and ran away.


If the vehicle hadn't be equipped with a car camera, the old woman hadn't waken from coma, and the passengers hadn't been found to prove the good person's innocence, the driver would probably be unjustly blamed. However, it's difficult to have witness all the time when you do good deed. Just like one of my friends said, "It's not easy to be a good person."


Sometimes I feel worried when I try to help an old person, if there are no others. "If you are worried, you can capture pictures and shoot videos first to prove your innocence." said one of my friends. Then all of the people presented laughed.


Nevertheless, his idea is reasonable to some extent. Nowadays, there is video supervision on crossings, and many vehicles have car cameras so that such unfair things happen not so often. Only when such things are reduced, people can be more willing to do good and have more faith in kindness. Perhaps, in some occasions, we really need witness when doing something good.


As for you, do you dare to help an unconcious person when there is no witness?



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Do we need witness for doing good?

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This article was published on 2011/09/05